Avon Beauty Tips

Q: How can I get a smoother mascara application?
A:There are two reasons why your mascara may be clumping. 
The first is application. If you load the brush with too much product, it builds up on the lashes and inevitably causes clumping. To avoid mascara overload, wrap a tissue around the brush and gently squeeze off any excess. You'll notice a smoother, more even application every time. 
Excessive clumping is also a sign that it's time to replace your mascara. 

A tip for when you open your new tube: don't pump the wand in and out. Every time you pump, you're introducing air into the tube, which dries out the product and results in clumping. Instead, swirl the wand in the tube and pull it out. 
This technique evenly distributes the product around the brush applicator and helps to keep the product fresher-and clump-free-longer. 

Q: I have really chapped lips. How can I treat them?
A: Dry, flakey lips are almost inevitable during the winter months. Not only are they exposed to the elements (wind, cold air, etc.), but the indoor heat is equally as dehydrating.
 The most obvious thing to do for chapped lips is to moisturize. But it's important to know your ingredients: Look for lip balms with beeswax, shea butter, vitamin E and emollient oils (think jojoba), all of which intensely hydrate and replenish lost moisture.
 Another tip: stop licking. It may temporarily make your lips feel better, but saliva dries quickly, sucking moisture from the lips, which leads to greater chapping.
 Using a humidifier at night could help relieve some dryness, too. The moisture from the humidifier restores the moisture your dry indoor heat has taken away.

Q: How can I get the most out of my lipstick.
A:Even if you’re down to the bottom of the tube, chances are you can still get a few more wears out of your favorite lipstick—here’s how: “Using a Q-tip helps you get every last bit out of your lipstick tube or gloss pot—and it’s more sanitary that using germy fingers,” 

Q: I dropped my purse and shattered my blush. What can i do to fix it?
A:Drop your purse and shatter one of your favorite products? Worry not, ladies: If a shadow or pressed powder breaks…you can add a few drops of rubbing alcohol and press the pieces back together. The powder will reset in the product’s metal pan.

Q: I ran out of shaving cream and soap drys my skin out. What else can I use?
A:If a hair conditioner is doing a “meh” job on your hair, don’t toss it just yet. “If I ever have a hair conditioner that isn’t doing the job, I use it as a shaving cream,” 

Q: I have a hard time getting all the product out of their tubes. 
A:Take a traditional paint tube wringer from any arts and crafts store to a pliable beauty product—like a hand cream tube or even a regular toothpaste tube—to squeeze every last drop out. Nothing is left behind with this little handy device.

Q: Soft, sparkly eyeshadows sometimes crumble in my makeup bag from all the back and forth to work
A: Just transfer them into a small plastic jar so that you can still use them, After all, those little eye-makeup beauties can be expensive!

Q: What can I do with little pieces of left over lipsticks. I hate to throw them out.
A:Turn that last bit of lipstick into a cream blush! Just smile, dab a small bit onto the balls of your cheekbones and blend upward toward the temples

Q: My favorite nail polish dried out. What can i do?
A:When it comes to rescuing your favorite shade of hardened-up or gloppy-feeling nail lacquer. Add a couple drops of nail polish thinner to restore its consistency.

Q: My makeup brush is coming apart. How can I save it?
A:When your makeup brush starts losing its bristles, take a pair of pliers to the metal part to get them secure and useful again.

Q: I live in Florida and my eye pencils are always to soft from the heat.
A:During the summer, keep your eyeliners in the fridge. It keeps them from getting too soft, so you won’t waste product through over sharpening.

Q: Any tips on what to do with old mascara?
A:I put old mascara wands in the dishwasher and use them to groom my brows or mist them with hairspray to gently groom away fuzzies at the hairline.

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