Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Today Only Flash Sale-Save up to 90%-Stock up for Christmas


Join Face of Avon today for a Flash Sale where you can save up to 90% off retail prices. It's my end of the year clearance sale. I have so many brand new, still in the box items that need to go so I can make room for next years products. Today I will post an item marked down up to 90% and as soon as that item sells another one will roll around. Check back often so you don't miss a deal.

Stock up on Christmas items and I will keep track of your purchases so I can ship everything in one box to save you even more money. When checking out pay only a one time shipping fee and any items you win after that select "Home Delivery" at checkout and no shipping will be applied. Good luck! Any questions email me at or call 863-808-0186. I will be sitting by the phone for customer service.

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ANEW ULTIMATE Age Repair Night Cream

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How to Get Rid of Dark Under Eye Circles

If you are looking for how to get rid of dark under eye circles and getting more sleep is not an option, then you are going to follow these steps. There are many reasons that you can have this very common problem. The way to get rid of it is always the same. You need to combine some skin care techniques and makeup products to make sure that you look your best when you step out side in the morning.

Step One
Clean your face and make sure to rinse with cold water to help to get rid of the puffiness that occurs when you first wake up. The water will help to wake you up and to prepare your skin for the next steps in this process.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fergie Launches Avon Outspoken Intense Fragrance

Fergie Outspoken Intense Fragrance Fergie launches her second fragrance, Outspoken Intense. Courtesy of Avon
The numbers for Fergie's first fragrance launch with beauty giant Avon are in, and let's just say -- "Boom Boom Pow" is right.

"Outspoken has been our most successful fragrance launch in the history of Avon," beamed CEO Andrea Jung at a press presentation in New York, though the longtime exec chose not to disclose more specific sales numbers.

The Black Eyed Peas performer was also on hand to preview her next scent, Outspoken Intense, which will debut in July.

The 36-year-old's recent embrace of the current citrus trend continued with a body-hugging Diane von Furstenberg draped dress, as did her penchant for glossy black digits.

Outspoken Intense is a juicy fruity floral that will be packaged in a bottle as curvaceous as the star herself, with equally sexy grounds for inspiration.

"This scent is about that intense feeling you get right before going on stage. It's about that exhilaration, that excitement, and owning that moment. It's about really feeling that power when you're in front of a crowd," said Fergie.

To convey the intoxicating feeling, fruits like kumquat were blended for a sparkling element. The cheerful little fruit -- which looks like a miniature orange -- is also at the heart of tender childhood memories for the California native.

"My Dad grew kumquat. I always remember that he used to help me peel them when I was a little girl," said Fergie.

Starfruit is another note of the fragrance that stirs nostalgia and holds intimate meaning for the star.

"The starfruit is really special to me, because every time I go on tour -- especially in Asia -- they have this beautiful star fruit that they slice for you in the room. We had no idea what it was, just that it was so beautiful and tastes so good. Now it always reminds me of going to a hotel and enjoying special treatment," revealed Fergie.

With the success of Fergie's first fragrance, Avon's sights are set high for the summer launch, which will retail for $30 for an eau de toilette.

With a roster of celebrities as A-list as Reese Witherspoon who have also collaborated on scents for the billion dollar brand, we wondered what it was that pushed Fergie so far ahead of the crowd.

Global Fragrance Development Director Isabel Ryan says she thinks it's due to the unique type of popularity Fergie enjoys as a performer.

"We hit the mark with her because it's a time in her life when she's out there and connecting with women all over the world. There are celebrities and designers out there who don't necessarily resonate so globally, with so many different types of women," Ryan told StyleList.

"Fergie appeals to my nine-year-old daughter, and she appeals to me. People don't think, 'I can be her,' but instead, 'I can relate to her.'"

And we'd have to agree! From her braided workout ponies to her constantly changing hair hue, we do love us some Fergalicious style inspiration.

Can't wait until July? Have fun rocking our picks for spring's sexiest floral fragrances now.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

DIY Pedicure: How I'm Getting My Feet Sandal Ready
I know, I know, I have a bee in my bonnet about spring finally arriving but, what can I say? I'm so not a cold-weather person and I get downright giddy when it finally goes away. Well, that, plus the fact that I love shoes. And, last weekend, I just happened to have procured the crown jewel for my (considerable) collection. Yes, sir. These puppies are the sexiest, strappiest shoes that even Carrie Bradshaw would be proud to call her own.

The hiccup? My feet are atrocious. But, since I blew all my cash on the aforementioned investment piece, I can't afford to hit the salon for a pedicure. Who cares? Thanks to these tips gleaned from working around beauty gurus, I'll give myself one heckofa DIY pedi job.

Here's how...

Step 1: Remove any old polish using a cotton pad not a shred-ready tissue.

Step 2: Soak your feet in warm, sudsy water (bubble bath works, so does hydrating dish soap). Have tired, swollen feet? Add some Epsom salts to the water -- it works like a charm.

Step 3: Dry off one foot and massage a drop of cuticle oil onto each nail. Glide a wooden cuticle stick around the nail to push back any dead skin that might be clinging to the nail plate. Switch feet (putting the first one back into the water) and repeat.

Step 4: Pull your first foot out of the foot bath and wet your leg up to your knee. Using a granular foot scrub, massage along the bottoms of your feet up to your knee concentrating on stubborn calloused spots like the balls of your feet and dry/cracked heels.

Step 5: Glide a callus smoother/foot file over rough areas to smooth (not annihilate) the skin on your toes and bottoms of your feet. (Psst...if you don't happen to have a dedicated "callus remover" a coarse emery board works just fine.)

Step 6: Use a curved toenail trimmer to cut the corner of each nail at a 45-degree angle to help prevent painful ingrown nails, then cut too-long nails straight across. Smooth/shape nails with a fine-grain, flat file. Next, swipe a remover-soaked cotton pad over nails a final time to remove any hidden residue. Use a toe separator (or weave tissue between your toes) to prep for polish.

Step 7: Apply one thin layer of base coat, followed by two thin coats of nail enamel in your chosen color and one final thin layer of shiny top coat. Let each coat dry for about two minutes between applications. (Don't know which color to choose? Here's my take on the latest crop of pretty spring nail polishes.

Step 8: To make your pedicure last longer, apply a fresh coat of clear polish every three days. (Do this right after hitting the beach to make polish dulled by sand look fresh again.)

Step 9: Strap on ridiculously hot (outrageously-expensive-but-you-only-live-once) shoes and strut your stuff.

Now that you know how to get pretty piggies, tell me, what do you think of guys who get mani/pedis?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Introducing! Expressions by Reese Witherspoon

Introducing! Expressions by Reese Witherspoon: Love to the Fullest Avon for women. Coming out in Campaign 9.

Avon introduces a new perfume trio signed by the famous actress, named Expressions. Expressions collection celebrates life, laughter and love and all the happy moments with the fragrances Live Without Regrets, Laugh Often and Love to the Fullest.
Love to the Fullest is the scent of sensual and seductive women of an intoxicating oriental - floral compositions. The fragrance combines sparkling top notes of juicy black cherries with velvety floral notes of peony and evening primrose and the warmth of amber, cashmere and sandstone.
Available as Eau de Toilette in bottles of 50 ml.


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