Finally, a way to look instantly hotter to dudes without alcohol! All you need is something red.

The good people at Relevant And Useful Studies On The Internet, Inc., who recently found that the color red drives women wild, discovered that not only do men find a woman in red more attractive, they also find themselves more flirtatious, attentive and eager to approach said woman.

So, why is red so alluring? According to the Daily Mail, the scientists believe men are drawn to the hue for evolutionary reasons, signifying a woman is ready to get down. (Female primates tend to redden when they're at their most fertile. Nothing hotter than looking like a big baboon ass.)

Translated into human terms: Unless you're rocking Valentino, red clothes tend to be more than a little risqué (think lacy negligees and Britney in head-to-toe PVC).  Click here to get your must have red dress.