Friday, January 14, 2011

A Lipstick Trick Guaranteed To Put You In A Happy Mood!

If wherever you’re reading from today is anything like New York City, than you’re probably frozen, sick of tights, and completely over snow (and yes, it’s really only January). Lucky for you I’ve got a two-second trick that’ll instantly put you in a better—and brighter—mood…
Since your lips are the only thing showing, what with the whole hat-coat-scarf situation, than you might as well shine the spotlight on ‘em in a big way! Whether it’s fuchsia or fire engine red (like our models are wearing here) or tangerine orange (which I’m currently rocking), wearing bold color isn’t as tricky as it looks—and it makes you instantly look more put-together. I can personally attest to the fact that it really works: Running late and only seconds to go from hot mess to just hot, I reached for one of my go-to happy shades, and swiped on some black mascara—instant game-changer. (And I admit, I use this trick a lot. Here’s 7 more sexy lip tips to try from makeup artist, Jun Funahashi, who created these gorgeous pouts:
  1. Rub on a layer of moisturizing balm and use an eyebrow brush to gently slough off dry skin.
  2. Add concealer to the outer corners of your mouth before applying lipstick, “This is a spot where color tends to bleed,” she says.
  3. Make ‘em kiss-proof by filling in lips with liner. Then apply lipstick, blot, and add another layer of color. For more staying power, cover with a thin layer of tissue and dust translucent powder on top.
  4. Get perfect edges using a lip brush. Start at the outer corners on both top and bottom and work your way into the center using one fluid motion.
  5. Erase mistakes by tracing along the outside of the lip line with a small, stiff brush dipped in foundation.
  6. To fake a fuller pout, add a dot of silver or gold shadow above the middle of your lips and stick to glossier textures.
  7. Don’t overload on color everywhere—if you’re wearing a vibrant shade all you need is mascara, she adds.
  8. Got any other tips for pulling off bright lips? Have a favorite shade? We know you shouldn’t kiss and tell, but we promise your beauty secrets are safe with us!


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